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We are an expert-led educational platform and community exclusively for service-based beauty professionals. Teaching you the business skills you expected to learn in beauty school but were never taught.

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Calling all Hairstylists, Barbers, Wax Techs, Brow Artists, Permanent Makeup Artists, Nail Techs, Lash Artists, Hair Removal Experts and Massage Therapists...

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The beauty industry is extremely imbalanced when it comes to money. 10% of service providers make 90% of the collective revenue. At Smart Beauty Pros, we want to fix this. We want to build a world where beauty service providers have the tools to make strategic business decisions  and build sustainable legacy businesses. Achieving this goal is why we do everything. 

the beauty industry is valued at $700 billion and the average beauty professional earns $32,000...
that is not ok.

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Our mission is to help you make more money. Period. We teach you how to increase your income, build wealth, and earn at least $200,000 in just 3 years —without sacrificing your family, health, or sanity in the process. If you want some SmartBeauty Pros magic in your life, join one of our programs. Communities for beauty pros who want to make bank.

we equip beauty professionals with the business tools to build legacy businesses

what we do

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We meet beauty professionals where they are and offer them education at each stage of their growth from $0-$1 million

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The ultimate resource for growing a sustainable beauty business, sharing all of the not so beautiful things we encounter on the way up the success ladder in this industry. We showcase personal experiences along with member and expert interviews.

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the ultimate side hustle guide.

This 30-page guide is the blueprint to building a solid business foundation as you navigate the balance of life and your new business. The only way to evolve your side hustle into a sustainable business is to get organized and get strategic about the steps on you take as you scale. Ready to dive in?