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smartbeauty pros, the #1 business school for beauty professionals in the world

Our signature program is a 12-week business accelerator that goes beyond the technique, teaching the business of beauty. Master the marketing skills you expected to learn in beauty school, but were never taught, to grow a profitable beauty business that stands out in-person and online. 

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I'm a mom, mentor, and founder of SmartBeauty Pros, the top-rated business school for service-based beauty professionals.

I hold a finance degree from St. John's University and worked in corporate America for 7 years before quitting my day job to pursue my passion and talents within beauty. What started as me doing permanent makeup in a tiny 72 sq.ft. room in a 3rd floor walk-up, turned into million-dollar + empire with multiple locations in less than 3 years.

In 2019, I successfully sold the beauty studios to focus on educating beauty professionals. I realized that beauty/esthetics schools DO NOT  teach business systems and are actually rigged AGAINST the beauty entrepreneur.

I've coached over 200 women from all over the world to over $100,000 in revenue and currently have hundreds enrolled in my SmartBeauty Pros Business School program. Our students have collectively made over $4 million dollars.

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