The best educational business content for service-based beauty professionals

Welcome to Smart Beauty Pros

Bridging the business knowledge gap for beauty pros and helping them build thriving businesses through our core methods.


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Welcome to @smartbeautypros, the world’s first business school for beauty professionals.

We bridge the business knowledge gap for beauty pros and help them build thriving businesses through our core methods. Transforming the way beauty pros learn and earn from $0-$1million.

We are the answer to the post beauty school confusion. Teaching you the business skills you expected to learn in beauty school, but were never taught.

The need is so real, that we have partnerships with 6 beauty school nationwide and this number is rapidly growing because what we offer, they are not equipped to provide.

Since 2019, our students have generated over $6 million dollars in revenue for their businesses.

We are here to redefine the earning standard and revolutionize the beauty industry.

The spring 2022 waitlist for our Launchpad program is now open and will be enrolling in just a few weeks, click the link in our bio to join our list or share this with a friend you know needs guidance in growing their beauty business.


The Beauty Bolt: Start by watching our FREE masterclass which provides you with 5 lessons to grow your clients and authority in record time. Implement these steps to reach over 5,000 people and book $5,000 worth of appointments.

The Beauty Launchpad: We help new and emerging beauty professionals build solid business foundations and make their first 20-5ok without working full-time.

The Beauty Blueprint: An 8-hour VIP day for the established beauty professional that has surpassed 100k in revenue and is ready to reach their next revenue goal of 300k by installing business systems and sophisticating their marketing.

The Beauty Boardroom: A strategic partnership, built for the OG beauty pros that have surpassed 300k and are ready to hit the million dollar milestone.

Are you coming?

P.S. Thank you to the incredible @thebemusedstudio for perfectly capturing the essence of our evolving and growing brand.